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Covid protocols at Maplelag

The comfort and safety of our staff and guests is of highest priority. We continue to reference guidelines set by the Minnesota Department of Health and CDC for operating safely. We take in consideration feedback from our guests needs, in particular the larger groups to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable as possible and accommodate accordingly. A few items of note:

We will be seating people of only the same party or group together. We will space people apart as far as possible. We will use all available space and rooms to keep folks spread out. We have been accommodating larger groups in the side rooms when serving meals. Please keep in mind this takes extra staff. We have difficulty finding enough staff to fill each shift and we appreciate your patience. Takeout meals will be available with advance notice.

We do not have a mask or vaccination requirement. Many guests are testing before coming and we appreciate those that are staying back if positive. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please do so. For ski teams visiting Maplelag for overnight camps, there is no hot tub/sauna/steam area use and lodge use is limited. Teams are testing before departure and most are required to mask. There is no lodge access for ski teams for day use.

At this time, there will be no variety show or dances planned. Select weekends we hope to have live music.

Checking out or making payment online is an option for those not wanting to come to the lodge. We do not have credit cards on file. Let us know ages and if ski rental if doing remote checkout. We invoice via PayPal. You do not need to be on PayPal to use this service.

Takeout meals can be delivered outside the lodge kitchen making it possible to not even come to the lodge at all for those not comfortable doing so.

Day skiing will be available once again to guests not staying at the resort. Protocols will be similar as last year, purchase pass online and parking in the far parking lot. Porta potties in far parking lot for bathroom. NO bathroom use in lodge and there are no lodge services available for day pass users. There is no ski rental available to day skiers. Please respect this policy so Maplelag can operate safely and remain open. Ski rental for overnight guests is available and is mostly self serve. Directions in the ski rental shop.

We are continually monitoring our staff and of course, if there is  any remote sign of any symptoms we are asking staff to stay home and test. We are doing everything we can to operate safely in a community environment. There is no way we can control everything and everybody and have made the decision to be open and operate knowing there is risk among ourselves, the Maplelag family and staff that are here 6am to midnight, among many guest each day. Any of our visitors must understand and assume there are risks when being out in the public. We always tell people that are not comfortable coming to Maplelag during this pandemic, it is best to stay home. COVID is nothing we can control and have made the decision not to let it control us.

This page will be updated as we move through the season. As always, please reach out with any questions. Thank you and be well.

Winter at Maplelag

Snowy scene looking towards the lodge after new snow. A snowy period the last three weeks making for great snow conditions.

Latest trail report on the trail report page.

Please note due to COVID protocols, there are no lodge services for day use. This includes no ski rental or access to coffee bar for day skiers or day users. Day and season passes purchased online.

Trail Clearing

Newly formed Moorhead Nordic Ski team ready for a morning of clearing on the trails. November 14th, 2015.
Newly formed Moorhead Nordic Ski team ready for a morning of clearing on the trails. November 14th, 2015.

The growth of high school skiing in Minnesota has been nothing short of fantastic. Welcome Moorhead Nordic! We look forward to having you on the trails this winter and thanks for coming our early Saturday morning to help clear trail.