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LagChilada Mountain Bike Challenge

The LagChilada challenge is a opportunity to ride all the mountain bike trails at Maplelag in one ride/day. We have t-shirts available for those that complete the challenge. The challenge is open to everyone. Trail pass or season pass required to participate. The course is set on Strava. The course will be similar to last year but include additional trail built last summer and fall. Total mileage will be almost 25 miles and features around 2500ft of climbing!

Heading to the start of the LagChilada!

The challenge starts with the new loop “Feeling Lucky” singletrack loop. Look for pike signs at key intersections. Upon completion of Feeling Lucky, take a right on the starter loop following all the sport/comp/expert/marathon signs and marked singletrack routes. After the “Bear Pass” singletrack, take a right and head on Bullhead Lake trail to access the Goat Ranch rd (county rd 110) Take a right and continue to the pavement, hiway 26. Take a right and look for access to Bootleg singletrack loop. Upon completion of the Bootleg loop, double back on hiway 26 and county road 110. Enter on Bullhead lake trail again and continue on taking all the marked singletrack segments.

Key intersections are marked with black signs.
T-shirt for completing the LagChilada

After the start of “Bjorp’s” singletrack, take a right where marked to access the trail across 110 “North Loup Gnar” riding this segment east to west. Upon completion of North Loup Gnar, cross 110 again and pick up Bjorp’s. Shortly after, look for access to Sukkerwest. A connector trail is used to complete Sukkerwest. Use connector to get back on to Bjorps. Follow rest of trail to Twin Lakes, back across to complete!

Special belt buckles for doing a double LagChilada!!

Trail reports on the trail report page. Good luck and have fun!

April 22nd News Update

With the ice going off Little Sugarbush Lake next to Maplelag on April 6th, a new season is ushered in and welcomed.

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Calm morning on Little Sugarbush Lake, April 15th, 2024. The vibrancy of waterfowl and wildlife is one of our favorite times of year on the lake is the spring before the lake sees the summer traffic.

April has been a typical mix of weather with cool and damp days (including a late April snow event that allowed us to sneak in one more ski) and warm almost summer like days. The trails have dried up nicely and we opened the mountain bike trails last weekend. (Latest report on the bike trail report page.) 

Pair of loons enjoying the calm waters on Little Sugarbush soon after the ice was off.

We have had a lot of windy days which has blown down a lot of deadfall but we are not able to be on the trails and start doing trail work. (Latest trail and woods report) The end of this month and start of May we will begin planting trees. This is something we take great pride in having planted 100’s of thousands trees since the beginning of Maplelag in 1973.

Blowdown from recent storm on mtb singletrack and ski trail! It is a year round process clearing deadfall and keeping trails cleared.

The woods has been slow to green, naturally, but a few signs emerging. Being surrounded by nature’s beauty is something we do not take for granted and grateful for every day. As we move forward with “rebuilding” after the fire in October of 2022, our focus remains to share this with as many people as possible whether it would be overnight stays or day visits. With that said, here are some updates and reports on projects we have been working on.

Lapland Lodge

We have made great progress on phase 2 of the Lapland Lodge, completing the exterior work during a mild late February and March. Work has now shifted to the interior as we finish up the sheet-rocking, tile work and flooring. The final phase will be the installation of the fully equipped kitchen and finishing work. We are very excited how this cabin is taking shape and can’t wait for the final stage to be completed! This lodge will be available to rent this summer once it is completed. We have already booked weekends for next winter so if you are interested, check back for photos and full description in a month or so.

Brant Lodge

The Brant cabin has seen a big time makeover with the store being phase one. We appreciate everyone that made a visit and purchased items. We still have a longer term goal to sell online but first need to complete other projects before venturing into online selling. This spring we have added more seating space for day users and currently are remodeling the main level bathrooms. Keith has done a fantastic job and grateful for his skills. On a side note, we know it was difficult for many long time guests that were loyal to the Brant. No major decisions are easy and know this was not a simple decision.

Sitting space in the Brant for “brown bag” lunching.

Candy Store Lodge

The Candy Store continues to see improvements after the major renovation last fall. Thanks everyone who visited and stayed there this past season! The reviews have been good and after the winter season, we have done some upgrades in the bathrooms and bedrooms.

Bedroom enhancement in one of the CandyStore bedrooms featuring print of one of the images captured at Maplelag this past year. We will be adding prints to the cabins in various locations of our favorite nature scenes.