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Winter Season

Frosty scene over Maplelag, January 2nd, 2021. Trail report on the trail report page.

Maplelag is open for lodging until February 21st. Trails will remain open and groomed for day use until early March. Day use trail passes for skiing, snowshoeing, and fat biking must be purchased online. Trail report on the trail report page.

There are no services in the main lodge for day use. No ski rental available. Lodging and meal packages available until February 21st. Check availability and place deposit online.

Any questions and confirm lodging assignment, please contact us via email.

Virtual Lotvola Cup 2021

January 4, 2021 6:00 pmtoMarch 7, 2021 6:00 pm
January 4, 2021 6:00 pmtoMarch 7, 2021 6:00 pm

The Lotvola Cup is back! The Lotvola Cup was one of the oldest cross country ski races in Minnesota, starting in 1977, and had grown to be popular among not only local skiers but enthusiasts from around the country.

Start of Lotvola Cup on Little Sugarbush lake in front of the original main lodge, 1980.

We have established a new course for classic only technique. We are not able to host a mass start race but will have the virtual race now open through the remainder of the 2020-2021 ski season. A 14km course has been set using Strava to track skiers. If you are not on Strava, we suggest loading the app. If not using Strava, you may submit your time and we will add all the skiers on a final spreadsheet. In keeping with the spirit of the original Lotvola Cup, the idea is not to be the fastest skier but “simply” complete the challenge. Partnering with ski shops, we will provide random awards to skiers upon completion of the Cup.

There is no entry fee to participate but a season or day pass is required to ski the trails.

Start of the 2021 Lotvola Cup challenge. Sukkerbusk ski trail, just across the parking lot near the legendary orange tractor!

The course starts on Sukkerbusk ski trail at the “orange tractor”. Continue on Sukkerbusk until Twin Lakes trail. Left on Twin Lakes. Upon completion of Twin Lakes, continue back up to Sukkerbusk. Take a left on Sukkerbusk to North Loup. Left on access to North Loup. Upon completion of North Loup, take left on Sukkerbusk and finish out Sukkerbusk back to the start area. Continue on through and finish out on Sap Run trail to the right. The finish is back at the flag pole.

Most intersections take left except near the end of Sukkerbusk stay right to finish out the course on Sap Run trail. Most intersections will be marked with the original signs like above that read “Maplelag Ski Tur”.

The original Lotvola Cup course was 12 kilometers. The 2021 version will be around 14km, classic only technique.

The 12 KM classic technique only race was named in honor of Elias Lotvola. A Finnish pioneer in the local Sugarbush township who was famous for his skiing abilities as well making classic wooden skis in the Finnish tradition by hand.   Even is his 80’s Elias would ski thru the “bush” and woods checking his trapline of over 30 miles in length. His skis and poles were on display in the lodge, but sadly they were lost in the fire of December 1999.  However, many examples of similar wooden skis made by Elias Lotvola, are on display in the lodge.

Newspaper article by local paper Detroit Lakes Newspapers of first Lotvola Cup in 1977.

The race honors the tradition of Nordic skiing in Minnesota and up to the most recent race, had a wood ski division. Past Lotvola Cup participants included not only recreational skiers but Olympic athletes including biathlete Wynn Roberts of Battle Lake area who competed in the Vancover Winter Olympics in 2010. 

Old school and new school, US Olympian Wynn Robert competing in the Lotvola Cup 2009 with wood skis.

Maplelag has always promoted a healthy and environmental friendly use of the land with a minimal footprint to conserve and promote our wonderful natural resources.

Snowy start to Lotvola Cup 2010.

Newspaper article from early Lotvola Cup.

Archived results and photos on

LagChilada Challenge

We have a challenge in place called the “LagChilada Challenge” we started earlier this summer. The challenge is to ride a loop we created that includes nearly the entire trail system. We created a Strava segment that features the loop. (Does not include the SukkerWest or North Loup Gnar segments which were added after we started the challenge)

The challenge provides an opportunity to test skill and endurance. The total mileage on the loop created, including the connector to Bullhead Bootleg, is around 21 miles (this is based on multiple wheel sensor reading from various riders. Due to the nature of the trail at Maplelag and heavy forest canopy a GPS will record a lower reading) There is a specific Strava segment but the Challenge can be completed riding all trails at various sequence. If not on Strava, simply contact us to share your ride information. The Strava segment starts with the Expert starter loop and continues on riding all the singletrack segements, staying to the right including access to Bootleg than back on the main loop using the connector. After the main loop singlettrack segments, cross over to Twin Lakes for the singletrack loop than back across the road to finish near the parking lot!

Thanks to select sponsors, and the artists at Junkyard Brewing, we will have a shirt to give to all participants. The Challenge will run until the end of the dirt season, late October/early November. We are keeping track of everyone that has completed the challenge so far (photos below of most of those riders). Contact Jay at 218-849-7669 if any questions. We will also have Maplelag team members available to guide riders on limited days and times. Contact to set up a time.

Thanks Matt Engen and Merrill Lynch for your support!

Thanks Gear West for your support! Look forward to a year round partnership!

Thanks Aaron at Junkyard Brewing for designing the t-shirt!

There is no fee to enter the challenge other than the season pass which is also open for anyone interested in helping out with trail maintenance to keep the self funded Maplelag trail in best riding condition possible. Riders assume all responsibilities and actions when riding knowing unmarked obstacles exist and conditions can change at anytime.

Riders that have completed the challenge as of September 21st:

Dan DeRoma, Zach Wagner, Jacob Skatvold, Ryan McGreevy, Marcus Olson, Barrett Jessnes, Chad Bannor, Chris Bloyer, Heidi Olson, Doug Swanson, Brittany Diederich, Aaron Jost, Kevin Zavoral, Craig Brandenburger, Jamie Jesson, David Lien, Jacob Olson, Brandt Elson, Sam Elson, Max Chinn, Derek Chinn, Barry Buhr, Dylan Ramstad-Skoyles, Denny Barry, John Muszynski, Alicia Fisk, Mat Fisk, Ayden Ochs, Rick Ochs, Shane Kullman, Greg Ames, James Burg, Ben Olson, Bryan Schoenberger, Bob Tolliver, Steve Hausman, Ryan Schutte, Peder Arneson, Steve Wenzel, Matt Engen, Wayne Carlson, Keith Moors, Jake Richards

Jacob Skatvold and Ryan McGreevy
Dan DeRoma chillin’ after completing the LacChilada!
Zach Wagner
Marcus Olson
Ben, Heidi and Marcus Olson.
Doug Swanson
Brittany Diederich
LagChilada fun! If you haven’t received a t-shirt, contact us and we will mail one out. (email is best)
Craig Brandenburger
Davide Lien and Jamie Jesson
Jacob Olson
Derek Chinn
Barry Buhr
Max Chinn
Sam and Brandt Elson
Ayden Ochs (Rich Ochs also completing who took photo)
Dylan Ramstad-Skoyles
John Muysznki
Matt Engen
Denny Barry
Alicia and Mat Fisk
Peder Arneson
Shane Kullman
Ben Olson
Jake Richards
Steve Wenzel
Bryan Schoenberger
Bob Tolliver
James Burg
Keith Moors
Wayne Carlson