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Maplelag — To provide a healthy atmosphere in a safe and welcoming outdoor environment. Offering family oriented outdoor themed experiences that give guests a sense of comfort and belonging, leaving them feeling rejuvenated and relaxed after their stay.

“People rarely come to Maplelag only once, and now I understand why” — Pamela Hill Nettleton, Minnesota Monthly “Maplelag lures its customers with a simple combination: great food, good skiing, camaraderie, and lots of fun” — Will Goddard, Cross Country Skier Magazine “In the winter, there is no place like Maplelag” — Beth Gauper, MidwestWeekends.Com

Late Season Skiing

Late season skiers on Sukkerbusk, March 27th, 2023.Thanks to all the skiers that have traveled from afar to enjoy the special late season conditions at Maplelag.

Winter marches on with over 2 feet of new snow this month on continued cold weather. Latest trail report on the trail report page.

We will plan grooming for skiing and fat biking until Easter weekend, weather permitting.

Late Season Grooming

Grooming on North Loup March 28th 2023.

We plan to continue grooming until Easter weekend, weather permitting.

Brant cabin is available for day users for a warming area that includes restrooms, sitting area and table for brown bag lunch. Parking available across from the Brant or in far parking lot. Day use information page.

Latest trail report on the trail report page.

Trail passes available on the products page.

There is no ski rental available or other services.

February 21st Post Fire Update

View of the lodge site after phase one debris removal. 

Recently we completed phase 1 of the debris removal and clean up from the fire on October 10th, 2022 that destroyed the main lodge at Maplelag. Thanks to all of the large excavating crew members. We were very fortunate to have had such good weather which allowed us to get to this point. We also want to thank the crews for their flexibility so we could host the ski meets this ski season. In the spring/summer we will continue with phase 2 of the clean up.

Full report click here.

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