LagChilada Challenge

We have a low key challenge in place, called the “LagChilada Challenge”. The challenge is simply to ride the entire mountain bike trail system in one ride/day! With racing on hold for now, the challenge provides an opportunity to test skill and endurance. The total mileage including the connector to Bullhead Bootleg is around 21 miles. There is a specific Strava segment but the Challenge can be completed riding all trails at various sequence. If not on Strava, simply contact us to share your ride information. The Strava segment starts with the Expert starter loop and continues on riding all the singletrack segements, staying to the right including access to Bootleg than back on the main loop using the connector. After the main loop segments, cross over to Twin Lakes for the singletrack loop than back across the road to finish!

We are collaborating with a local business to create a t-shirt and give to anyone that completes this challenge. The Challenge will run until October 15th. Later this fall, we hope to have a get together to recognize riders that completed the challenge and celebrate 30 years of mountain biking at Maplelag! We are keeping track of everyone that has completed the challenge so far (photos below of some of those riders). Contact Jay at 218-849-7669 if any questions. We will also have Maplelag team members available to guide riders on limited days and times. Contact to set up a time.

There is no fee to enter the challenge other than the season pass which is also open for anyone interested in helping out with trail maintenance to keep the self funded Maplelag trail in best riding condition possible. Riders assume all responsibilities and actions when riding knowing unmarked obstacles exist and conditions can change at anytime.

Riders that have completed the challenge:

Greg Ames, James Burg, Ben Olson, Bryan Schoenberger, Bob Tolliver, Steve Hausman, Ryan Schutte, Peder Arneson, Steve Wenzel, Matt Engen, Wayne Carlson, Keith Moors, Jake Richards

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