2021 LagChilada Mountain Bike Challenge-Now until November 1st

The LagChilada challenge is a opportunity to ride all the mountain bike trails at Maplelag in one ride/day. We will have t-shirts available for those that complete the challenge. The challenge is open to everyone. Trail pass or season pass required to participate. The course is set on Strava. The course will be similar to last year but include additional trail built last summer and fall. Total mileage will be almost 25 miles and features around 2500ft of climbing!

All participants that complete the challenge get a custom cap! Please contact Jay at 218-849-7669 if you haven’t received your cap !

The challenge starts with the new loop “Feeling Lucky” singletrack loop. Look for pike signs at key intersections. Upon completion of Feeling Lucky, take a right on the starter loop following all the sport/comp/expert/marathon signs and marked singletrack routes. After the “Bear Pass” singletrack, take a right and head on Bullhead Lake trail to access the Goat Ranch rd (county rd 110) Take a right and continue to the pavement, hiway 26. Take a right and look for access to Bootleg singletrack loop. Upon completion of the Bootleg loop, double back on hiway 26 and county road 110. Enter on Bullhead lake trail again and continue on taking all the marked singletrack segments.

Start of the LagChilada challenge with the new “Feeling Lucky” loop. Look for the pink signs at key intersections.

After the start of “Bjorp’s” singletrack, take a right where marked to access the trail across 110 “North Loup Gnar” riding this segment east to west. Upon completion of North Loup Gnar, cross 110 again and pick up Bjorp’s. Shortly after, look for access to Sukkerwest. A connector trail is used to complete Sukkerwest. Use connector to get back on to Bjorps. Follow rest of trail to Twin Lakes, back across to complete!

Trail reports on the trail report page. Good luck and have fun!