Trail Report

Spring like conditions today. Didn’t get as warm as forecasted but we did have a short period of light rain for about 30 minutes followed by a very light dusting of snow early Friday evening. Folks skiing all day and reports ranged from good to excellent. Just ski. Bit fast for some folks, for the groom guy, conditions were perfect. Skate deck firm and solid with just enough loose on top. Classic tracks fast but with crown/no wax skis good skiing. Tough waxing unless using klister. With the cooler weather trending we groomed a bit more than planned. We will be back out in the early morning grooming, assuming it cools down as forecasted,pulling up drier snow. Trails planned to groom include a new track on Sap Run, Sukkerbusk, Twin Lakes, North Loup, Rootin Tootin, Mother North Star, JibFly, Skaters Waltz, the extension of Skaters Waltz and Suicide Hill. Trails groomed Saturday morning will be best skiing early than as it warms up the other trails groomed Thursday or the sideĀ  of the trail not groomed Saturday morning will be better skiing in the afternoon, assuming the forecast is correct. Check board in lodge for latest updates.

Note: The inner trails will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, February 1st and 2nd for the Section ski races. The western trails and the northern trails will be open. Reduced trail fee for these two days.

Trails that have been groomed and open with tracks set: Sukkerbusk, Twin Lakes, North Loup, Rootin Tootin, Mother North Star, Sap Run, Wavy Gravy, Island Lake, Roy’s Run and JibFly. Skaters Waltz, the extension groomed for skating. Please no skating on trails other than Skaters Waltz, and the extension of Skaters. Please note portions of certain trails will not be groomed this year due to change in the lease and management on AMA property.

Total snowfall since December 15th=22″, compacted base on trail 4-6″. Snow depth in the woods 8-16″. Overall the trails have very good coverage, a few rough spots on the marsh/lake crossings to use caution, especially on the north end of Bullhead trail when accessing the Bootleg extension on Maplelag property. Total snowfall since December 1st, 28″. Total snowfall since November 20th= 30″. We had a warm spell that melted most of the snow from November 20th and December 1st other than the north facing areas. First grooming of the season on November 20th after 2″ of snowfall.

Current conditions at Maplelag from the Weather Underground Personal Weather Station: Note, the wind speeds are generally a bit lighter than what other sites will report. The Maplelag station more accurate to conditions in our wooded environment.

The trails are open for public day skiing. Trail access pass is $15. Ski rental is $15 a day. After January 3rd, lunch will be available for day skiers during the Midweek by reservation. Contact us to reserve and for pricing.