Trail Report

Not quite as cold this morning with morning temp at -6. Clear skies, light winds, should be a beautiful day on the trails. Tracks will be set on a few trails and grooming/packing continues on Sap Run, Mother Hen, JibFly, Poki Loki, Mother North Star, Sukkerbusk, Twin Lakes, North Loup, Skaters Waltz, Suicide Hill, Double Green, and Kristin’s Kutoff.  Will set tracks on the above trails except Skaters Waltz and North Loup which will be groomed/open for skating. Lucky’s Loype will have a track set as well. Has been skier packed the past few days. Other trails will be packed later this week. A handful of folks on the trails Monday as the ski teams waited for the roads to clear out. Snow depth in the woods ranges from 8-14″ and we have compacted this new snow to a base of 4-6″. We were packing the during the snow storm on Sunday as it fell to get the most out of the snow and things are looking great.  Trail photos below from Monday.