Trail Report

A beautiful day on the trails. The sun was out in full force, light winds and temp right around 0. Cooler temps for sure but if you dress properly, it is like a day at the beach. Pisten Bully groomer in action, setting tracks on Rootin Tootin and Mother Hen and the end of Mother North Star. Just enough snow to use the big machine. Also tracks set on Sap Run trail with the Ginzu groomer. (groomer pulled behind the snowmobile) Skate lanes on Skaters Waltz and North Loup smoothed out and starting to take shape nicely. A bit soft in spots but very nice skiing. Jake checked out the tracks early this evening on Sap Run and reported great skiing.  Tracks to be set on Twin Lakes, Wavy Gravy, Island Lake trail, Mother North Star and Sukkerbusk Thursday and possibly Lucky’s Loype. We will also try to pack out Roy’s Run and possibly set track on the weekend. Trails still a bit soft but starting to set up with more grooming.  Some trails more firm than others. It will be good to have skiers on the trails to help break down the snow.