Trail Report

A good old fashioned snow storm today. As of 10pm Sunday night, around 10″ has fallen and looks like maybe and inch or two more before everything is all said and done. The ski teams from Minneapolis got snowed in so skiers spent the afternoon having fun on the trails, even though temps were below 0 and heavy snow was falling. In the woods, the wind wasn’t so noticeable and coming from the East, very little drifting on the trails. Grooming on about 30-35km of trail with a minimum of three passes of packing with the roll compactor after 2-3″ of snow had fallen, getting the most out of the snow and some trails seeing five to six passes. Cold temps should set up the snow nicely where packed. This is a fantastic start to the season and we will spend the week packing out other trails and begin tracksetting middle to the end of the week for the next batch of skiers. The trails will be open this week with limited services in the lodge until Thursday afternoon.