Trail Report

With morning lows near 20 Tuesday morning, the snow had a hard time melting off, especially in the protected areas, which allowed for a late morning ski on select trails. Suicide Hill was holding very good coverage and made for some nice skiing under beautiful conditions. Afternoon saw warmer temps and snow loss but Wednesday morning still see large patches of white throughout the woods. Should get warm enough today to melt off the remaining snow from Sunday’s storm and quite a bit warmer on Thursday that should melt what remains. It certainly was a treat to ski this early in the season and it won’t be long until the next storm comes rolling through with white. Cold nights setting up ice on area ponds but will have a hard time staying locked in with warmer temps forecasted. The north and south ends of Bullhead lake trail still needs Fall grooming and hopefully end of the week we can clear this trail. Some deadfall did come down with the wind on Sunday and we will be clearing the trails the next few weeks. Photos taken Tuesday.