Trail Report

A rather warm day with temps in the upper 60’s. Combined with the wind and sunny skies, the trails have dried out nicely. Bullhead Lake trail seeing trail work action today, completing the major Fall grooming for the year. We will continue fine tuning the trails until the snow flies for real but otherwise things are looking great and the trails are ready for winter! Water flowing nicely from the spring near the “bootleg” extension. The bootleg extension is a 1.5km loop off a Bullhead lake trail. The flowage was once the source of water for the Sugarbush Township bootleg operation. Also find it interesting that the water that flows from a spring, which starts 100 feet up in elevation to the east, eventually makes it way to the Red River via Bullhead Lake, Sugarbush Lake, St. Claire lake, Buffalo river and the Wild Rice River (to name a few) before hooking up with the Red River which flows north to Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba Canada. For residents of Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks MN, chances are that nice clean glass of water you are drinking could very well have traces of water from the bootleg flowage, as sources of the drinking water comes from the Red River!! Heading farther north,   Enjoy!