Trail Report

Warm and humid conditions on Tuesday causing an explosion of nature in the woods. The forest floor coming to life big time and the leaves “popping” on the trees.  Turtles, birds and other species of nature active this week. A relatively dry week so far after 3/4ths of an inch of rain on Sunday. The rain good for the 1000 pine seedlings planted last week. The rain keeping the water tables high.  The trails have dried up enough we can get out and clear trees on the  trails and mountain bike course.  The mountain bike trails are open for riding including the new Twin Lakes singletrack we completed last fall. We are putting out signs on the course but be aware of any un marked obstacles. The trails are closed to horses and motorized vehicles.

Group of Fargo riders hitting the trail earlier this week

Painted turtle taking a break while crossing the Maplelag driveway.