Trail Report

Morning of March 30th about as good as it gets for Spring skiing. Skaters Waltz was hard and fast after setting up from yesterday’s grooming. North Loup a bit softer but both trails slowly softening around around noon. Clouds moving in so the snow should do very little today as far as melting.  Really hard to believe how good the skiing has been for this late in the season. Definitely some thin spots here and there but we are still skiing the snow from last week on top of a base, on average, of 8″ from the season snow!!   Skaters Waltz groomed late Tuesday afternoon, bypassing Kamikaze hill and using Poki Loki to connect. The grooming from Monday on Suicide Hill and North Loup holding out well. The next grooming run will depend on the weather the next couple of days. Should be some nice skiing Thursday morning until early afternoon.

Total snowfall  this season has been 88″.   We are closed for the season for lodging but grooming select trails until the snow is completely gone. Trails will be open at no charge with no services available.  If you are a non-season ticket holder, please call us in advance if you wish to ski. 218-375-4466 or email at [email protected]  Thanks!


Late afternoon grooming on Skaters Waltz, Tuesday March 29th.