Trail Report

Happy Thanksgiving! An inch or so of new snow Friday night. Grooming on 20-25km of trail Friday morning including Skaters Waltz and Sukkerbusk which has been the best trails for early season skiing. The coating of new snow once again slightly improved the conditions. Not quite enough snow to set tracks but getting closer! Still some rough and thin spots here and there but overall for Thanksgiving weekend, nice skiing. Handful of folks out on the trail enjoying the early season conditions.

Just under an inch of fresh snow Tuesday night. The new snow was groomed and combed on Skaters Waltz, Sukkerbusk, North Loup, Twin Lakes, Loon Return and a portion of double green trail.  A ski patrol at lunch found fair to very good early season/rock skiing conditions with best skiing on Skaters Waltz, Suicide Hill and Sukkerbusk.

The trails are open. Recommended to stay on Skaters and Sukkerbusk. No tracks set, skaters welcome to skate on Sukkerbusk. Use caution if adventuring to other trails. We have packed other trails but waiting for more snow before grooming additional trails. We are focusing on the trails groomed today until more snow.

There is no charge to use the trails and be advised the base is thin with some rough areas. Best to use older skis or “rock” skis. With that said, there is some fun skiing to be had if careful! The compacted base is 1-3″, solid and hard after a melt freeze cycle last weekend. Total snowfall this season has been 8″ of mostly light fluffy snow and snow depth in the woods is around 4″.

There are limited services available in the lodge with no lodging available until the weekend of December 12th-14th. Just Ski!