Trail Report

A typical Spring week with warm May like temps to start followed by cold February like temps the end of the week and 4″ of snow Friday night! With last nights snow, the total for the season is at 98″!! This does not include the 6″ we had in October.

This week we had a tracking conference and the weather was perfect for them…dry! The group was training for tracking footsteps through the woods. The snow is gone from the woods after one last ski on Suicide Hill Tuesday morning on the last remaining bit. It froze hard enough Thursday morning to provide a small window for mountain biking on the trails. However, we are at least 2 weeks away from the mountain bike trails being open, provided mostly dry weather. The ice on the lake is always a good indicator and Little Sugarbush is still locked in with just a couple feet of open water from the edges.  There has been a lot of waterfowl on the move but no signs or sounds of any loons.The woods are alive with the sounds and a few sights of Spring. Lot of wood ducks enjoying the excess water in the woods.

April 16th: Top of Suicide Hill fully covered from last nights snowfall of 4-5"
April 16th: Yet another April ski!

Riding on the mountain bike course Thursday morning. Made possible by mid 20's freezing down the trail. The trails are not dry enough for riding yet. High water in Bullhead bay. Record levels.
Maplelag creek running steady from the Spring melt.