Trail Report

Prairie effect snow falling this morning accumulating to a half inch or so. Not a lot of snow but just the right amount to cover some of the forest matter on the trails. We also worked this new snow in to the trails groomed today. A track was set on the side of North Loup in addition to being groomed for skating. We also set a new track on Roy’s Run. Roy’s is 80% very good condition and the other 20th% is skiable throughout with some rough spots here and there. Other tracks set today on Sukkerbusk, Rootin Tootin and Mother North Star. All other trails groomed on Thursday afternoon. 60 of 64km open. 4-6″ compacted base. 45km tracked classic only, 15km groomed for skating.   We are grooming Sukkerbusk, Mother Hen, Sap Run, Twin Lakes, Wavy Gravy, Island Lake, Rootin Tootin, JibFly, Mother North Star and Lucky’s Loype for classic and Skaters Waltz/ extension, Kristin’s Kutoff, Single and Double green, Suicide Hill and North Loup for skating.
The entire trail system is open except for the east side (4km) of Bullhead lake trail. The east side is closed until colder weather, which will freeze the thin ice areas.   A nice start to the season with 23″ of snow this season, so far.  The trails are open for day skiing and the current fee is $10 to use the trails until December 20th the fee will go to $15

(Maplelag ski reports on skinnyski and link to share ski experience!)

Track set on the side of North Loup Friday morning. Groomed and open for both skate and classic skiing.
Fresh track set on Roy's Run Friday morning. Might be a bit soft. Good condition on 80% of the trail. Few rough spots here and there.