Trail Report

Big time melting this week and the snow is going fast! Boo! Despite the rapid warm off, we were able to ski all the way around North Loup late Wednesday morning. The coverage was good and a great spring ski hitting the transition time. Some thin areas but for the most part, good coverage.

Staying warm during the night and snow on the trails disappearing. Skiing is pretty much done for the year, just some protected areas for back and forth skiing for the diehards.

Froze down hard Tuesday night allowing for the last grooming run of the year on Suicide Hill, combing out the good coverage there. With warm temps forecasted through the week, the days are numbered.

A ski late morning on Tuesday found good coverage on Twin Lakes and Sukkerbusk, few more thin areas opening up from intense March sun but melting fast. We went from mid winter to spring conditions just like that! Typical for this time of year and a bit unusual to have no days above freezing in March until Sunday. The beginning of March was fantastic skiing, some of the best of the year. This past weekend was as good as it gets! Nice to see all the folks out and the large group of snowshoers as well.

Spring skiing typically finds hard, fast icy conditions in the morning getting softer as the day passes. “Sweet spot” skiing is the point where it transitions from hard to soft and is usually the best time for spring skiing. This also happens in the late afternoon when it cools down again, typically around sunset.For those familiar with spring skiing, it can be some of the best skiing of the year with the right timing.

March 11th Trail Report Photos