Trail Report

A fantastic weekend of skiing A mixed bag of weather with sunshine, cool temps, fresh snow and no wind. Bit cooler temps than forecasted but no complaints as we love winter at Maplelag!  Dusting of snow again Saturday later afternoon accumulating to an inch or so.

Grooming Saturday morning on Sukkerbusk, North Loup, Bullhead, Lucky’s Loype and Sap Run. New tracks set Friday morning on Sukkerbusk and Twin Lakes. Skate trails groomed Saturday evening for Sunday skiing. New tracksetting  Sunday morning on Wavy Gravy, Loon Return and Sukkerbusk.

Big time powder dump on the trails Monday night with 9-10″ of fresh dense snow falling. Dustings of snow pretty much every day since resulting in a foot of new snow the past week! Winter Wonderland conditions and fantastic skiing.  We have been daily this week on all the trails.   Skaters Waltz, the extension and North Loup groomed for skating.  Track also on side of north Loup. Everything else tracked for classic.  Just two short areas rough on the marsh crossings but worth it to adventure through for the scenic beauty.

Full photoset from new snow Monday on our Facebook page.





Jack striding on Sukkerbusk at dusk, January 23rd, 2013.
Staff members Paulo, Samantha and Ricardo skating on the rink at dusk, January 23rd, 2013.


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The entire 64km of ski trail system has been groomed.  Around 15km groomed skate only and rest of the trails tracked for classic.  The marsh crossings are rough and need a bit more snow to take grooming equipment through safely. (Check the board in the lobby for the latest tracking and updates).  Yes, a few rough spots here and there and maybe a small icylike section but overall skiing is the best it has been all year and classic skiing is great with the colder temps.  Remember, at Maplelag there is no windchill unless you are standing on the edge of Little Sugarbush ready to take the plunge!



Fresh track set on Lucky’s Loype, January 17th, 2013.



Roy’s Run in good shape after being tracked earlier in the week, fresh snow, than skied in. January 16th, 2013.