Trail Report

Not much change in the weather. Temps not much above the mid 30’s and lows at the freezing mark. We are keeping an eye on the storm to the west and and possible movement east which might bring more snow to our neck of the woods. Still a bit early for snow to stay for good but we are getting closer! Light drizzle most of the day on Tuesday giving way to sun cloud mix on Wednesday. We were treated to some spectacular light scenes on the lake with the sun making an appearance. Trail work on hold with the moisture on Tuesday but should be able to clear leaves rest of the week before colder temps and possibly snow end of the weekend. Overall, things are in great shape and ready for colder weather to set in frost and snow to stay for good! We have also been clearing leaves off the mountain bike singletrack for late season riding and to help facilitate dry trails in the spring. The trails are closed this week as of deer hunting going on in the area.



A few flakes of snow on a leaf still hanging on from light snow on Friday. November 3rd, 2012.
End of Twin Lakes trail recently cleared and ready for cold and snow! November 5th, 2012.
Remnants of light dusting of snow from Friday night, November 5th, 2012.


Winter Wonderland conditions Sunday morning with fresh snow!! We woke up to a solid 4″ of dry snow….just enough to groom for the first time this year. We groomed about 2.5km of trail including Suicide Hill. Groomed the trails that has been recently cleared of leaves etc so the timing was perfect! A quick ski after grooming found nice conditions for the first ski of the year.

The trails will be closed from November 3rd-11th because of deer hunting in the area.

The mountain bike course is open with days being numbered. A lot of  leaves coming down making it difficult to see in spots but nice riding on Twin lakes singletrack which was cleared of leaves on Friday. We will blow out a few more sections of singletrack this week before the trails close to deer hunting this coming weekend. Latest bike trail report.


Making final pass down Kamikaze hill on skaters waltz ski trail. Ready for snow!


Clearing leaves off Sukkerbusk ski trail, October 23rd, 2012.