Trail Report

Pretty incredible weather for Christmas. Mild conditions by afternoon kids in t-shirts skating on the lake! Looks like a warm day on Monday to start the week before cooling down and chances for snow mid and later week. A handful of people have been out skiing but ¬†we need 3-4″ of good snow to officially open the trails for skiing and provide safe conditions. Skiing on the lake has improved as the fresh snow from Friday has bonded to the ice and a few folks have been skiing on the lake. Twin Lakes has the best consistent ¬†coverage along with sections of Skaters Waltz, Suicide hill and the skinny field which we have been skiing on for own personal enjoyment! The work we do in the summer and fall on the trails is evident with ribbons of white visible through the woods. It doesn’t take much to have skiable conditions but we just can’t get the white to fly this year!

The trails are open for hiking and trail running until we get more snow and currently the twin lakes mountain bike singletrack is open for hiking and mountain biking. Please walk on the side of the ski trails. Mountain biking was a bit tricky with the fresh snow on the singletrack but a few folks giving it a try.

Ice skating is fair to good on the lake and we are working on the ice skating rink on land, and hope to have ready in a few days but still skating on the lake in the mean time.

Christmas day skating, 2011.