Trail Report

Dry and seasonable weather. The dry conditions have been great for doing trail work. The majority of the leaves have come down and we have been mulching and blowing leaves off the trails so the snow to fall next month has a nice surface to rest upon!  The fall color season was very short this year. We had a freeze early September and high winds contributing to the short season.

The ski trails are in excellent conditions and looking great for the winter.  We have completed mowing/clearing/brushing the trails and doing tune up and clearing dead fall, keeping up with the strong winds as of late.   We flagged a new loop for the snowshoe trail and it is now cleared and ready for snow!  The mountain bike course is riding nicely and in great shape other than leaves covering the singletrack. We will blow leaves off the singletrack once most the leaves are down from the trees.  Latest bike trail report.