Trail Report

The big weather news this week was the ice going off Little Sugarbush, the lake Maplelag is next to, on early Thursday morning.  The loons were waiting eagerly before the ice was off and no enjoy the open water of the lake. Having the ice off the lake definitely makes it feel more like Spring even though the weather hasn’t been very spring like. The lake was 75% covered Wednesday morning but big wind from the north pushed it off by the late evening. Thursday turning out to be one of the nicest days this spring with temps near 60, light winds and sunshine but rain returning on Saturday with a chance of snow on May day?!?!

Warmer weather the past week has dried up the trails (other than the low spots that are holding water) and brought to life more plants and flowers on the forest floor. The singletrack and mountain bike course has dried out enough for riding but wet again from rain on Saturday. We still have signs and a few trees to clear but  the trails are open for anyone that wishes to ride but be aware there are unmarked obstacles including fallen trees and not all the signs are out yet. The trails are closed to horses and motorized equipment (atvs etc.)

A pair of loons sneaking in on open water Wednesday morning as the ice was pushing off the lake.
Taking a stretch!