Trail Report

Couple inches of fresh snow overnight. Winter continues in full force!! We will be grooming about 40km of trail this evening, working in the new snow, including all skate trails for the Thursday skiers. Looking at the forecast, we plan on grooming most of the trail system again on Saturday morning for the weekend skiers with Moosejaw dance and old tyme music weekend. With cooler temps predicted on the weekend, should be a fantastic weekend for skiing, dancing and music!

Compacted base 8-10″. Snow depth in woods 1-2 feet. 100% open on 64km. 57 km tracked for classic, 13km groomed for skating.   Skaters Waltz/ extension, Suicide Hill and North Loup groomed for skating.  There is also a track set on North Loup for classic.

Total snowfall  this season has been 79″.  The trails are open for day skiing and the current fee is $15 to use the trails for the day.