Ski Trail Report

Fresh snow! Total accumulation from Sunday’s storm around 8-9″.

We rollpacked, combed and leveled all the inner trails as well as Twin Lakes to the west and North Loup to the north on Sunday. End of the day we set track on Sukkerbusk and Sap Run. Today we will be back out packing the trails we groomed today and also hitting the rest of the north and western trails. New track set on Mother North Star and track reset on Sap Run, Sukkerbusk and Mother Hen. Tomorrow we will comb out the skate trails Skaters Waltz and the extensions and North Loup. Track to be set on Rootin Tootin, JibFly and Twin Lakes. New snow a great addition to the existing base and the trails are taking shape nicely and skiing very nice.

A great day on the trails Saturday and good seeing folks out. We had a 3km loop open and groomed after snow this week was groomed into the existing crusty base. Thanks for sending in the reports!

Snowfall past 24 hours: 9″

Snowfall to date: 17″

Compacted base on trail 2-5″

Fat Bike trails Open and trail report.

Lodging for the winter season operations will begin the December 17th weekend. There is no lodging available for winter operations before. Day and season passes can be purchased here.

NO services in the lodge at this time. Parking in far lot near porta potties and recycling bins.

Sukkerbusk after new track setting, December 6th, 2021.
Combing and leveling on Skaters Waltz, December 6th, 2021.
Setting track on Mother North Star, December 6th, 2021.
Sun dogs over Maplelag! December 6th, 2021.
Grooming on Skaters Waltz, December 6th, 2021.
Last run of the day at dusk on Sukkerbusk setting track, December 5th, 2021.
Rollpacking and combing on Rootin Tootin, December 5th, 2021.
Packing and combing on North Loup, December 5th, 2021.
Peder A no track striding on Sukkerbusk, December 5th, 2021.
Rollpacking on Skaters extension, December 5th, 2021.
Faces in the forest! December 5th, 2021.
Interesting beaver chew at bottom of Suicide Hill, December 5th, 2021.
Saturday skiers back out for another ski, December 4th, 2021.
Jonell out for a ski at dusk, December 4th, 2021.
Sukkerbusk late afternoon, December 3rd, 2021. Nice “early season skiing” after all the grooming and new snow!
Sukkerbusk, December 3rd, 2021. Despite the thin base the skiing is good on the segments we have groomed the past 24 hours.
Groomer dinged a few areas when mixing all the snow types together but easily avoided mostly grass, December 3rd, 2021.
Skinny Field December 3rd, 2021. Use as connector to link the groomed segments.
Grooming through the soccer field which is access to the early season loop consisting of segments of Sukkerbusk and Skaters Waltz, December 3rd, 2021. No tracks set.
Another pass on Suicide Hill, December 3rd, 2021.