Trail Report

A nice winter storm on Tuesday. Around 8″ of fresh snow. Wind kicked in big time in the evening with gusts reported up to 50 mph in the area!! There was some drifting in the open areas, naturally, but the wind has settled down Wednesday morning sun is out and a beautiful day on tap.  Not often school is canceled two days in a row!! Grooming yesterday on Skaters Waltz and North Loup for skating and tracks set on Sap Run, Mother Hen, JibFly, Sukkerbusk and Twin Lakes. These trails were groomed 3-4 times, packing the snow as it fell. We will groom the above trails again today and skiing should be very nice this afternoon and rest of the week. The other trails we will leave so on Saturday and Sunday when it warms up, we can pull up the fresh snow and have some nice skiing for Saturday and Sunday morning skiing. Either way, should be some fantastic skiing rest of the week on through the weekend. Expect soft and slow conditions when it warms up and the new snow gets “sticky” but once the snow transforms, good spring skiing should be on tap for a few days.