Trail Report

A marvelous March day. Skiing in March can be some of the best of the year. Days are long,  sunshine is intense on clear days and temps are generally moderate. And if a good base of snow exists like it does on the trails now, skiing is very nice. Mother North Star, Poki Loki, Sap Run, and Skaters Waltz groomed last night and skiing on these trails this morning was excellent. All the other trails are in great shape with the only issue a few leaves and forest matter in the tracks here and there from recent wind. The snow is holding out great today with the warmer temps and being in the woods on a day like today is about as good as it gets. Grooming in the morning on select trails most likely to condition the snow from today’s action and other trails might be fast early before softening up with warmer temps forecasted. Cooler weather to start the weekend with chances of snow. Grooming on the trails Friday and Saturday early morning should set the trails up for some great skiing on the weekend and things are looking good at this point for the Lotvola Cup on Saturday.