Trail Report

Today pretty much a repeat of yesterday. A handful of degrees warmer, cloudy, then clearing with another day of intense March sunshine. Wind kicking a few leaves around that have made their way to the tracks but all in all, fantastic conditions on the trails. Temp staying below melting and a check of the trails mid afternoon found dry and powdeyconditions. The streets in town might be slushy and sloppy but no salting or sanding on the Maplelag trails and the snow is white minus natural forest matter from the trees etc.  Compacted base on trail ranges from 5-10″ and snow depth in the woods ranges from 1-2 feet. Should be a great first week of March on tap.  Warmer temps later in the week with precipitation possible. Plenty of base to re condition if need be. Another cold front possibly moving through over the weekend!

Lotvola Cup preview with photos on

Photos below from yesterday.