Fat Bike Trail Report

Wednesday we groomed out a small loop consisting of SukkerWest, Winter Bjorps, North Star Extension, the first part of Twin Lakes ski trail than Hudson’s Hula loop on the Twin Lakes singletrack. This loop is open for riding in the mornings while still frozen. We will groom additional trail after more snow. This loop is not marked but easy to follow by following the grooming. Best way to pick up the grooming is to head down the driveway and ride SukkerWest than follow the grooming back across the road to access Winter Bjorps than follow the grooming for the rest of the groomed trail. Part of the grooming follows along the ski trail.

Morning riding on the groomed singletrack, November 25th, 2022.
Better segment of the groomed singletrack on “Hudson’s Hula”, November 24th, 2022.