October 13th Update

Brant Cabin which has a new paint job and site of the new store, community area after renovations and remodeling inside.

Hard to believe it has been one year since the fire on October 10th, 2022. We want to thank everyone that has supported us and provided comfort, love and financial support the past 12 months. We are extremely grateful by the kindness and heartfelt acts.

Sunset on a horrific day as fire destroyed the main lodge at Maplelag, October 10th, 2022.

It has been a very busy Fall. The plan is to remodel and enhance the cabins we already have as part of the resort. We are doing new construction as well as remodeling, making kitchens available in select cabins to rent for the upcoming winter season and eventually year round. We have also remodeled the Brant Cabin which will be the site of the new store and a community area for day users and overnight guests. At this time we are not rebuilding a new main lodge like the previous two lodges that had food service, serving up to 300 guests at one time. We will be begin taking formal reservations in November.

Beautiful fall color surrounding the freshly painted Six Swedes cabin. Inside is remodeling featuring a kitchen and improvements to the bathroom.

Maplelag continues to be a family owned and operated business, (no, we did not sell) that maintains nearly 75 miles of ski, snowshoe, mountain bike and fat bike trails. We are one of the few trail systems in the country that operate such a large system privately and is self funded and maintained. This is a major operating expense and our rates and passes will consider this when we set new pricing. This also includes self funded conservation efforts as we strive for a balance to offer outdoor recreation opportunities to experience the unique diversity of Maplelag’s forest.

(photos below with updates on each project)

Bruce and Steve doing a fantastic job remodeling the bathroom on the left and and adding a kitchen to the right!
Jason and Ben framing the new kitchen area on the Candy Store.
New roof on the entire Candy Store completed this past week.
Ready for sheeting!
Lapland Cabin with kitchen addition. We are very excited for this project. Major changes inside as well. We hope to have completed by late winter/early spring to be available to rent year round.
Pat with the finishing touches on the Brant Cabin which has a new paint job and will be site of the new store. The Candy Store, Six Swedes, Brant, wood fire sauna and Sod Roof all with fresh painting and staining this fall.
Keith repairing windows on the Red Caboose.
Jonell and her sister painting the interior of the Red Caboose.
Repairing the bathroom area in the Red Caboose. Exciting changes in this area.
Fall grooming on the Twin Lakes ski trail. We are spending every chance we have on the ski trails preparing for the winter. Having the trails cleared as clean as possible before the ground freezes and the snow flies allows us to open the trails on minimal snow.
Constant clearing of deadfall on the ski trails. Better now than the winter!
Members of the area school mountain bike team “Northwest Wolves” on the trails for practice. One of the highlights of the mountain bike season is having the team out and their energy and enthusiasm. Maplelag is happy to donate the use of the trails.
Good progress on the Candy Store addition this week.
First frost of the year this past week….always gets us excited for the upcoming winter months!
Beautiful fall sunset along the Goat Ranch rd. at the end of the Maplelag driveway..