December 29th Post Fire Update

This week we started clearing debris from the fire on October 10th that destroyed the main lodge at Maplelag.

Even with the colder temps last week, crews were still sorting preparing for removal. Thanks to the dedication of the heavy equipment operators working in sub zero temperatures. We are hopeful the main surface debris will be removed by the end of January before we continue final clean up and dirt work in the spring and early summer.

Jason A. working in sub zero weather last week. Thank you Jason for your dedication!

Actual rebuilding and the timing depends on a number of things from cost of fire services, debris removal (both of these items are running higher than expected) insurance, new business model operating plan, staffing and our recovery from restrictions placed on our business operations during the Covid years.

Christmas Eve skiing 2022.

If you are coming to day ski during the week, please be mindful of the trucks coming in and out. The drivers are aware of skiers and are using extra caution on the road. Also, please stay clear of the site for everyone safety. To view the site area, please observe from the ski trail at the main trail head.

We’ve been grooming hard on the trails this week and should have great skiing for the New Years weekend.

Over Christmas we enjoyed a few short but treasured days of family time. It was great having everyone home. Thanks everyone who sent us special Christmas cards and gifts. We deeply appreciate it and are very grateful.

One of the activities we are still enjoying is the wood fired sauna and cutting a hole in the ice to take the plunge. No matter the time of year, we always take a dip into Little Sugarbush at least once a week….a great way to end the day!

We will have the sauna going on the weekends and season pass holders are welcome to use the sauna. We will do our best to keep the sauna stoked but if you plan to use, best to stoke the fire a few times.

On the weekends we will have the sauna started in the morning and available for use for season pass holders. Self stoking. Assume all risk and responsibility. Do not use if otherwise. Thank you.

We hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday season!