Detroit Lakes XC Ski Invite

Detroit Lakes Invitational

10:30 am Thursday January 13th 2022

Enjoy the energy and future of the sport!!

It is fine to cross the race course. It is fine to ski during the race. This is a low key event.

No Lodge Available NO meal service Use porta potties outside for bathroom Please respect this. Maplelag COVID page.

Trails not used in the race are open all day to ski. It is fine to ski during the race. You will not be in the way if you don’t ski on the race course.

Recommended classic trails to ski during the race inner are Sukkerbusk, JibFly and Rootin Tootin.
Trails to classic north are Roys Run and North Loup.
Trails to classic west are Island Lakes, Wavy Gravy and Twin Lakes. 
If wanting to skate, the skater waltz will be open after 12 noon.

**The race will be a continuous pursuit, starting with classic style and change to skate at the halfway point of the race.  

**The skiers may have assistance in the change over process.  

**If skiers use the same set of skis for both the classic and skate race, the skier must step completely out of the ski binding into the snow in the transition area before they will be allowed to continue the next leg of the race. Classic Poles must be used for the Classic portion of the race.

Each leg of the race will be roughly 4.5 km in length.

***Varsity skiers will ski continuous pursuit (limit 10 per school) Wave Start

***Jr. Varsity skiers will ski only a Classic race.  Wave Start 4.5 km

***Jr. High skiers will ski a Classic race.  Wave Start 3-4km

10:00am Coaches meeting

10:30am Boys Varsity Sap Run>Mother North> Sap Run>Skaters W

11:30am Girls Varsity Sap Run>Mother North> Sap Run> Skaters W

12:30pm Boys JV Sap Run>Mother North> Sap Run

1:15pm Girls JV Sap Run>Mother North> Sap Run

2:00pm Boys JH Mother North Star

2:45pm Girls JH Mother North Star

Enjoy the energy of the kids and the future of the sport!