Family Time

Elson family engaged in a card game, Laddies Loppet weekend, 2013.
Elson family enjoying a game of cards in the lounge area, Laddies Loppet weekend, 2013.

At Maplelag there are no TV’s, video games or phones in the rooms, providing a wonderful sense of isolation from the outside world. Imagine yourself with your family or friends putting together a jigsaw puzzle, playing a favorite board game or just “catching up with each other”! The lodge is full of little nooks and crannies just waiting to be discovered with a huge variety of puzzles, games and . At Maplelag, it isn’t all about cross-country skiing. We offer a variety of ways to relax and enjoy your time with us. So, however you choose to spend your time, Maplelag is the perfect place to make magical memories.

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