November 9th Fire Update

Hard to believe it has been a month since the fire on October 10th. The days have blended together somewhat. Change is evident though as we are seeing colder nights resulting in frosty mornings and frozen ponds and lingering flakes of snow. There also has been plenty of wind, bringing down some deadfall but we were able to sneak in a few more fall grooming sessions before potential snow forecasted the next few days. Trails are in good shape going into winter and ready for snow!

We continue to process deposit refunds and thank everyone with their patience as we manage this task. With our computers being lost in the fire, we had to restore backups from external sources (thankfully we had our reservation system backed up) and are close to being up and running with our reservation program. Deposit refunds, if requested, will be processed as quickly as possible as time and space allows. (Full update on deposits and reservations on the October 24th update)

Probably the most common question we have fielded these past weeks is if we are going to rebuild. Continue reading on the November 9th update..