Concordia Language Villages

We feel very fortunate to be the host of El Lago del Basque,
one of Concordia College’s Spanish Language Villages, for eleven weeks
in the summer. It is exciting to be part of an atmosphere where students
are totally immersed in the culture of the various Spanish-speaking countries. In the Summer of 2008, we hosted Portuguese for two weeks of the summer and will do so again for 2009.
If you have been to Maplelag with your children or grandchildren, then
this would be a great place to send a first time camper. They will have
the advantage of being in familiar surroundings where they will have the
Richards families near by. And, once they have been here, don’t be surprised
if they want to come back again the next year!

For more information
about any of the various language villages, call 1-800-222-4750.

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