North Star Conference Ski Meet

Classic course will be held on Sukkerbusk and Twin Lakes.

Skate Race will be held on Skaters Waltz (minus Kamikaze Hill segment)

All trails not used in the race will be open for skiing.  All trails, including the course, will be open for skiing until 1:30pm. Please be aware of any course marking and not to disturb. Thank you. No lunch available for sale but complimentary coffee and cookies for parents, spectators, bus drivers, media personal etc.


2:00PM – Boys Varsity 7K Classic


2:30PM – Girls Varsity 7K Classic  


3:00PM – Boys Junior Varsity 7K Classic – mass start


3:30PM – Girls Junior Varsity 7K Classic – mass start


4:00PM – Boys Junior High 4K Skate – mass start


4:30PM – Girls Junior High 4K skate – mass start


5:00PM – Awards –


  • All races will run on time.