Trail Report

Despite another warm weekend, we are still hanging on to some coverage on the trails. Over the weekend had a few flakes of snow, no rain, and the ground is frozen with frost 6″ down. A check of the trails late Sunday found some trails better than others including the main 4km loop of Skaters Waltz which has coverage the entire loop with a combined 300 meter section spotty coverage. (The area we have worked on this week, farming snow to). Sukkerbusk another early season trail we are ready to get in good skiing condition once the next snowfall occurs. We have hauled in a few more loads of snow including a few loads from the local ice arena.

With the base that remains from snow last week, it won’t take much fresh snow and proper grooming to have the trails open again for skiing. Think Snow!

We have installed a personal weather station and local weather information with switchyard cam can be found be clicking here.

Sukkerbusk ski trail late afternoon, December 14th, 2015.