Trail Report

1-3″ compacted base, early season conditions. 1.5″ new snow past 24hr. 80km of grooming on 35km of trail past 24 hours. 9km trackset, 12km combed for skate. Remaining trail either roll packed or fresh powder/no packing or grooming, open for no track classic skiing. 3.8km lake loop groomed for skating.

The snow farming this past week and precision grooming through yesterday’s blizzard, paid off today. Skaters waltz is now in 98% good ski skate ski condition. We were also able to set track on Sukkerbusk and Twin lakes on 90% of the trail for a total of 9km track set. A few spots rough and shallow, best to use rocks skis, but all things considered, we will take it!  Other trails are skiable for no track classic but use caution/heads up for rough and thin spots. Overall, considering we have only had 6-7″ of dry fluffy snow since the melt off, conditions are quite alright.