Trail Report

After a mild start to the month of April, cooler temps moving in this week with morning lows in the upper teens Tuesday morning!! Cold enough to put ice back on the edges of the small ponds and sloughs.  The early spring has brought to life the forest floor with the first wild flowers coming up last week. The loons returned a few days after the ice went off which was great to see. Normally you can count on the loons the moment the ice goes off but they didn’t show up until five days later. The ponds are near normal levels of moisture and evident of activity with the sounds of frogs. A nice variety of waterfowl including the might trumpeter swan flying around area lakes and ponds.

The mountain bike trails are in great shape. We have been blowing out the singletrack and working on improving the conditions.  The surface is dry with a few tacky spots and very nice riding. A few sticks coming down from wind last week but overall in great shape. We will continue working on the trails to have best conditions possible for the spring opener mtb race late May.