Trail Report

A dusting of snow Friday afternoon helping to improve the conditions.  The new snow taking off the icy edge on the classic tracks. The new snow was groomed in on skaters waltz and part of the lake loop. This morning and evening North Loup, Skaters Waltz and Suicide Hill groomed for skating and the loop on the lake also  groomed for skating. The  best bet for classic skiing is Twin Lakes and Sukkerbusk that has the best tracks. Sap Run and Mother Hen okay as well.

The majority of trails have good coverage and won’t take much new snow to have good skiing again.  In the mean time we are enjoying the snow we do have and doing everything possible to make for better conditions. All the trails are open but caution must be used on downhills and areas where it is rough.

We are planning on hosting a ski meet on Tuesday with Skaters Waltz and Suicide Hill as the race course. If we are not able to provide a safe course on the trails, we will use a loop on the lake. It will be skate only.

To preserve the snow, we ask that people do not hike on the trails.