Trail Report

A nice sunny day on tap after another 1/2″ of rain overnight. Around 2″ of rain this week combined after Wednesday and a little rain on Thursday evening. The rain welcomed to freshen up the forest floor and give the recently planted trees a drink. The recent warm weather after a wet period has really brought the forest to life. The leaves are close to full circle and many wildflowers popping up .     

Around 4″ of rain the past 6 weeks. The rain has been welcomed with the relatively dry conditions the past 6 months and to keep the soil damp and moist for the trees we are currently planting for our tree planting project this spring. The lake, ponds, sloughs and water tables are pretty much at normal levels now. The moss on the trails has really come to life as well adding a vibrance to the forest floor. The leaves are starting to pop from most of the trees and the wild plants and flowers are beginning to emerge.     

We have been clearing deadfall and blow downs off the trails after windy conditions in mid April and clearing out the mountain bike singletrack. Mountain bike trails now open. (click here for updates)

Summer ski trail work will include fixing rutted areas, working on drainage and removing rocks and filling in low spots in between almost daily mowing when not raining.

Ice went off Little Sugarbush lake Saturday April 6th. True to form, the loons returned the same day and combined with other waterfowl the lake is busy with activity and one of the more special times of the year on the lake.  

Although this year was one of the lowest snow years to date on record, it was an opportunity to learn more about grooming, preparing the trails for winter and being prepared for future low snow years. For as long as we have been grooming, every year is different and what makes it interesting and enjoyable! 

Thank you to everyone that has visited us this past year from the overnight guests to the day users. We appreciate it very much! 

On a side note, the end of February and early March with low snow and frozen ground it has been favorable for cutting deadfall and windblown trees from storms and wind. Most of the woods we use for the wood fire stoves and campfires at Maplelag but bigger logs that have are not rotten we use for shelving, tables and other projects! 

Marsh marigolds blooming this week, May 18th, 2024

Baby snapper on the move, May 18th, 2024.
Planting the last of the potted trees in the new “Memory Grove” at Maplelag, May 13th, 2024. We have started a special grove at Maplelag planting trees in memory Maplelag guests that have passed in the last year and will continue to plant in the future each spring. 
Family fun on the mountain bike singletrack! May 12th, 2024.
Northern Lights, May 10th, 2024.
Planting the last of the seedlings trees, May 8th, 2024. We planted a variety of coniferous trees from spruce, Norway pines and tamaracks this spring with around 500 trees planted.
Moss on Mother North Star ski trail, May 8th, 2024.
Golden hour spring sunset, May 7th, 2024. Leaves on the trees starting to pop the past few days. 
Maple seedling sprouting to life, May 7th, 2024.
Forest floor coming to life, May 7th, 2024.
Switchyard scene at sunset, May 7th 2024.
Switchyard scene at sunset, May7th, 2024.
Calm morning on the edge of Little Sugarbush lake, May 5th, 2024,
Beautiful spring sunset over Little Sugarbush lake, May 3rd, 2024.
Tree planting has begun for the spring! April 30th, 2024. We will be planting around 1000 trees, mostly coniferous. 
Moss on Sukkerbusk ski trail coming to life after recent rain, April 29th, 2024.
Moss along the bike trail singletrack, April 29th, 2024.
First batch of trees ready for spring tree planting, April 26th, 2024.
Pair of loons enjoying the calm waters of Little Sugarbush lake after the ice went off.
Calm waters on Little Sugarbush