Trail Report

Cooler temps moving back in, keeping the snow we have in place. There is a dusting of snow on the trails with some areas thicker coverage than others. We need 3-4″ of good snow to officially open the trails for skiing.

The trails are open for hiking and trail running until we get more snow and currently the twin lakes mountain bike singletrack is open for hiking and mountain biking.

Ice skating is fair to good on the lake and we are working on the ice skating rink on land, waiting for colder temps to complete the final touches.

Even with minimal snow coverage on the trails, a beautiful weekend on the lake, in the woods and on the trails. Members of the St Paul Highland Park ski team, at Maplelag for the weekend for a training camp, had a busy weekend mixing up the activities. Saturday morning started out with a double pole race on the lake, hill and technique work on Suicide Hill and trail running on the mountain bike singletrack in the afternoon. Sunday morning cross training activities included a scavenger hunt.

Click here for video of Saturday skiing.