Trail Report

Just a light dusting of snow to report about over the weekend. Temps are plenty cold with morning lows in the single digits and coldest temp so far this year early Tuesday morning at -10! Beautiful conditions in the woods…..the only thing missing is snow but we have been taking advantage of the dry weather and working on the trails, fine tuning here and there, clearing deadfall and putting up signs. There are sections of crusty snow patches here and there with Twin lakes trail holding the most snow and also Suicide hill. It won’t take much snow to open up Twin lakes and the other trails are in great shape as well. Signs of wildlife seen in the woods with tracks, beaver activity and the winter birds making sounds. The lakes, ponds and sloughs are making good ice which is great before the snow comes and we have been enjoying ice skating on the lake  Little Sugarbush has been “noisy” as the ice expands and contracts.

We received 4″ of snow mid November and were able to groom and ski about 10 days, including on Thanksgiving,  before most of it melted off.



Skiing on the lake Monday afternoon, December 5th. Skating was difficult to do but double poling was possible. Carlos had trouble stopping!

Stump on the edge of the shore near Bullhead bay.


Jack skating at dusk as the moon shines above, December 1st.