Ski Trail Report

A beautiful Presidents Day to cap off this current February run of skiing at Maplelag. It was pretty slim pickings with little snowfall but we did our best with what we had to have a skiable loop until Monday afternoon.

The trails are now closed until snow and colder weather returns. Looking at the forecast, it doesn’t look promising. However we continue to keep optimistic that things can change quick this time of year. If we do receive enough snow to groom and conditions are right with temperatures and frozen ground, we will groom and try to open the trails for skiing. In El Niño years of past, sometimes our snowiest months have been March and April! 

The Fat Bike trail will remain open provided it freezes at night and is frozen in the morning. Generally the best time to ride is 8am to 12 noon. Latest update on the Fat Bike Trail Report.

Although this year was one of the lowest snow years to date on record, it was an opportunity to learn more about grooming, preparing the trails for winter and being prepared for future low snow years. For as long as we have been grooming, every year is different and what makes it interesting and enjoyable! 

Thank you to everyone that has visited us this past year from the overnight guests to the day users. We appreciate it very much! 

We will continue to update daily as we enjoy sharing what is happening on the trails, weather and nature. 

On a side note, this winter with low snow and frozen ground has been favorable for cutting deadfall and windblown trees from storms and wind. Most of the woods we use for the wood fire stoves and campfires at Maplelag but bigger logs that have are not rotten we use for shelving, tables and other projects!

Cutting up blow downs for firewood and future projects in the cabins and lodges! February 20th, 2024.

Sunshine and smiles in the skinny field, February 19th, 2024.
Skaters Waltz segment on the loop we groomed most recently, February 19th, 2024.
Ribbon of white….Just Ski! February 19th, 2024.