Trail Report

A beautiful day in the woods. Sunshine, light winds and temps around 30. The snow coverage held up fine and skiing was great in the afternoon for early season. The ginzu groomer was out this morning smoothing out the 5km of trails we have been skiing on. Also trying to pack this snow down as much as possible, hoping it survives the forecasted warm weather.

A nice weekend of early season “rock” skiing.  Cold temps overnight (0 as low) set up the trails that had been groomed Friday night and also froze little Sugarbush over entirely.  We didn’t have any new snow Saturday from the storm that hit central MN but had 2″ Friday and a couple inches combined, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The new snow improved the skiing and also the coverage on the trails. We have 4-5km of trail open for skiing. No tracks set. Some rough and thin spots here and there but beautiful in the woods with the fresh snow and nice skiing for mid November. There is no charge to use the trails. No services in the lodge. Park, follow the grooming and ski! Best to start by cabooses and end out on double green. Thin in the start area. We are hoping to have a few more days of early season skiing than will probably have the trails closed Thanksgiving on through the weekend to preserve the coverage.

The snow covering the trails is a great start as this snow should stick with cooler temps forecasted and a nice little base for the next snowfalls. Once we receive 2-3″ of dense snow, we will resume packing and grooming the trails.

Riding on the mountain bike trails is done for the year and the last report of the year is posted.