Ski Trail Report

A 4km loop is open and groomed after a light dusting of snow Friday morning. People are out skiing. Thin but rock solid base. Areas of ice but avoidable. If venturing on other trails not groomed, use extreme caution as fresh snow may be covering icy sections. The loop begins behind the far freight house shop. Ski through the soccer field and access at the end going either direction on Skaters Waltz guided by the cones and grooming.

Fat bike trails are open again. Latest fat bike trail report. 

Please no walking on the ski or fat bike trails. Snowshoe trails are open for hiking and hiking possible on the far side of the ski trails. 

Trail passes can be purchased on the products page.

Maplelag current conditions including data from the new Maplelag weather station can be found on the Weather page. Total snowfall since November 1st at 14″. Current snow depth is 1-3″ and compacted base on trails is 0-2″.

Saturday skiers, February 10th, 2024.
First time skier in the “Switchyard”! February 10th, 2024.
Maplelag’s fleet of snowmobiles for trail grooming, February 10th, 2024. Today was International Snowmobile day!
Afternoon skiing on the groomed loop, February 9th, 2024.
Skiing in the soccer field! February 9th, 2024.
Other trails covered with the fresh snow but covering the ice spots and tricky skiing. Not recommended to ski at this time. 
Grooming on the 4km loop, February 9th, 2024.
Grooming on the “Eira” hill, February 9th, 2024. Very hard base underneath a very thin snow covering. Recommended for advance skiers only. 
Sunset over Little Sugarbush, February 7th, 2024.