Ski Trail Report

Trails are now closed to skiing and fat biking until more snow. The trail system is mostly covered with a crusty/ice base. South facing segments are free of snow. If we can hang on to most of the base during the warm weather this week before it cools down again, it won’t take much new snow to have skiing again. We will continue patching on a 4km in efforts to have it open on the weekend if we can catch a little snow as forecasted.

Fat bike trails are closed until consistent cold weather during the day and new snow. Latest fat bike trail report. 

Please no walking on the ski or fat bike trails. Snowshoe trails are open for hiking and hiking possible outside or along the ski trails.

Trail passes can be purchased on the products page.

Maplelag current conditions including data from the new Maplelag weather station can be found on the Weather page. Total snowfall since November 1st at 12″. Current snow depth is 0-3″ and compacted base on trails is 0-2″.

Enjoying on more ski on yesterday’s snow harvesting and grooming, February 6th, 2024.
Harvesting snow on a 4km loop, February 5th, 2024.
Section of trail after shoveling and grooming, February 5th, 2024.
Early afternoon skiing on Sukkebusk, part of the 5km of loop we are grooming, maintaining and patrolling. February 4th, 2024.
Heading down one of the hills on Skaters Waltz, part of the maintained loop, February 4th, 2024.
Out for a Sunday ski, February 4th, 2024.
Climbing up from Bullhead lake! February 3rd, 2024. 
Saturday skiing! February 3rd, 2024.
Saturday skiing! February 3rd, 2024.
Saturday skiing! February 3rd, 2024.
Saturday skiing! February 3rd, 2024.
Another grooming run patching on the 5km loop, February 3rd, 2024.
February 3rd, 2024.
One more day of harvesting snow to the trail, February 2nd, 2024. After today we will no longer be hauling snow to the trail with the continued warm forecast. 
Early evening scene, February 1st, 2024.