Ski Trail Report

Crisp and cold temps in place. Didn’t stop folks from hitting the trails today! Great seeing so many people out. Tails are open for skiing. Early season conditions, watch for rough spots, areas of thin cover and unmarked obstacles but skiable on most trails. Trees are frosted nicely and lots of tracks in the woods making for a great outings in the woods.

Recommended skiing on Sukkerbusk for classic skiing and Skaters Waltz and the extension of Skaters Waltz for skating. People have been skiing on the other trails, use extra caution on the downhills for rough spots etc. Wavy Gravy best bet for outer trail, skier made track in fresh dusting on top of previous packing. Twin Lakes packed with no track set.

Please do not skate on trails packed for classic. Skating on Skaters Waltz only and extension only. 

Trails are closed to hiking at this time to preserve the base. Fat biking allowed on side of Skaters Waltz to access singletrack as part of the “FatLagChilada” course. Fat bike trails are open and groomed. Latest bike trail report. 

Sunday we packed on the western trails and Monday we cleared and packed on the northern trails. All the trail have now been packed. 

Trail passes can be purchased on the products page.

Maplelag current conditions including data from the new Maplelag weather station can be found on the Weather page. Total snowfall since November 1st at 10″. Current snow depth is 2-5″.

Afternoon skiers on Sukkebusk, January 12th, 2024.
Morning skiers on Sap Run, January 12th, 2024.
Setting a “hasty” track on Sukkerbusk, January 11th, 2024.
Combing new snow on Skaters Waltz extension, January 11th, 2024. Better conditions for skating on the extension loops.
Combing new snow on North Loup, January 11th, 2024. This section is very rough with rocks. Skiable but a inch or two more will be be better. 70% of the loop is fair early season skiing.
Skiing thin track on top of the previously packed base, Wavy Gravy trail, January 11th, 2024. 
Tons of tracks everywhere with the low snow cover, January 11th, 2024.
Breaking trail in between Twin Lakes on Wavy Gravy trail, January 11th, 2024.
First proper sun dog on the season, January 11th, 2024.
Bullhead lake trail grooming, January 10th, 2024.
Roll packing on JibFly, January 10th, 2024. 
Frosty snowy tamarack trees, January 10th, 2024.
Evening groom, January 10th, 2024.
Afternoon skier on Skaters Waltz, January 9th, 2024.
Smoothing out the sledding hill, January 9th, 2024.
Farming snow to Skaters Waltz on Kamikaze Hill, January 9th, 2024.
Grooming after snow farming, January 9th, 2024.
Roll packing on Skaters Waltz extension, January 8th, 2024.
Frosty scene in between Twin Lakes, January 7th, 2024.
Sunset over the Goat Ranch rd and Maplelag entrance, January 7th, 2024.