Ski Trail Report

Slightly warmer morning temp this morning at 22 degrees. The trails are covered with a scattering of ice/crust base and ready for snow. We are not officially open for skiing. We do have a small loop we have farmed snow to that is open for any diehard skiers. With frost set deep, the ice base coverage where present, it won’t take much snow to open for skiing. Forecast does not look the best but things can change quickly!

We are hosting our first ski camps this week and teams have been adventuring on the trails making the most of the conditions. W

The lake loop has melted out and skiing no longer an option for skiing but there are good sections for ice skating. Trails are open for hiking’ walking and trail running on the edges.

Bike trails  are now open for fat biking/winter riding, weather permitting. Riding allowed on the Twin Lakes and Bullhead Bootleg loops. The inner trails are closed until the base is set up for skiing.  Please note the signage and tap for the “dirt” season is removed but the main singletrack sections are signed.

Season passes can be purchased on the products page. 

It’s been a fantastic fall working on the trails. We have been working on the outer trails most recently, finishing Island Lake trail, Roy’s Run and Bullhead Bootleg extension. After not being able to clear the Bullhead Bootleg extension in recent years, we are are excited to groom it again this year. We mow and blow leaves off the trail repeatedly so we can have skiing on minimal snow.

A wintery start to November with 3″ of snow one week ago. Snow falling on top of frozen ground and was enough reason for an early season groom! We enjoyed a couple days of early season skiing and good to see a few other people out! Snow on November 9th with 1″ falling. After melting out, snow returned one month later on December 9th with a few inches falling and bringing out season total of snowfall at 6″. 

Maplelag current conditions including data from the new Maplelag weather station can be found on the Weather page.

Morning groom on the snow farmed loop, December 18th, 2023.
Pressing the little bit of dusting on Skaters Waltz, December 18th, 2023. The coverage is thin but the hard crust/ice base is ideal for receiving the next meaningful snow!
One more load on the snow farm loop, December 15th, 2023.
Loading snow from the soccer field to spread to trail, December 13th, 2023.
Farming snow to the trail, December 11th, 2023.