Ski Trail Report

Cooling back down today after a couple of warm days. Chance of snow later today into Saturday morning. Fall trail work has the trails in some of the best condition going into the winter and won’t take much to have skiing. Usually 3-4″ of dense snow and we can be skiing on select trails after a few grooming runs. We continue to work on the trails clearing any deadfall, sticks, branches etc.

The recent run of cold weather has set good frost into the ground which is great before the snow comes. Coldest temperature recorded this fall at -2. The area lakes have frozen over and there is a solid 5-7″ of ice. Currently the trails are snow free. 

 Bike trails  are now open for fat biking/winter riding. Please note the signage and tap for the “dirt” season is removed but the main singletrack sections are signed.

Season passes can be purchased on the products page. 

It’s been a fantastic fall working on the trails. We have been working on the outer trails most recently, finishing Island Lake trail, Roy’s Run and Bullhead Bootleg extension. After not being able to clear the Bullhead Bootleg extension in recent years, we are are excited to groom it again this year. 

A wintery start to November with 3″ of snow one week ago. Snow falling on top of frozen ground and was enough reason for an early season groom! We enjoyed a couple days of early season skiing and good to see a few other people out! Snow returned on November 9th with 1″ falling bringing out season total of snowfall at 4″.

Maplelag current conditions including data from the new Maplelag weather station can be found on the Weather page.

Skaters Waltz, December 7th, 2023.
Clearing deadfall along the trails, December 7th, 2023.
Trail work on the farthest part of the trail system on Roy’s Run ski trail, November 30th, 2023.
Great skating on the lake, November 28th, 2023. Ice was measuring 5-6″ in depth. 
Recent cold weather good for starting the flooding on the ice rink at Maplelag, November 28th, 2023. We will have the ice rink available for overnight guests and a handful of skate available to use. 
“Frost Flowers” on Little Sugarbush, November 28th, 2023. Cold night and moisture seeping to the surface create this beautiful scene.
Just like snowflakes, no two frost flower is alike!